Turkey Picadillo With Chickpeas

Picadillo is a favorite dish of mine and I never had it until I met my husband. My mother in law made this dish twice and each time was on thanksgiving. So good! It’s a tomato based sauce typically made with ground beef, olives and raisins. Some variations are made with potatoes. All delicious. It’s a perfect one pot meal that can be served with a side of rice or beans. And leftovers make for the best  empanadas! SO GOOD! This turkey picadillo with chickpeas is the perfect cozy fall or winter dinner that is full of delicious flavor.   I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but my husband and I don’t eat red meat or pork, so my mother in law always makes a ground chicken version during the holidays to accommodate. It’s […]

Tahini Maple Latte

This has probably been my most surprisingly delicious experiment. I’ve been using so much tahini in a lot of my recipes lately. I’ve put it in dressings, cake, cookies and now my favorite, a latte! This is a tahini maple latte that I simply can’t get enough of! It’s the latte you never knew you needed and it is so simple.  This recipe actually happened as an experiment. My sister who happens to be a vegan was over my house and wanted a coffee. I always have some type of non dairy milk on hand. My favorite for lattes and iced coffees is full-fat from Oatly. So I was staring at my Nespresso maker that I haven’t used since before the shutdown and trying to get all the parts together. I luckily found a sleeve […]

Vegan Pumpkin Butter Rolls

These vegan pumpkin butter rolls are unbelievably moist and delicious! They have a hint of pumpkin sweetness and a whole lot of fluff! They are the most perfect buttery rolls and will make a delicious side for any dinner. Do you guys salivate at the scent of freshly baked bread, or is it just me? I’m sure I’m not the only one. The warm scent of bread is baking in the oven makes the whole house smells like a bakery and I love that. The weather has been pretty cool in New York an all I’ve been wanting to make is soup and warm bread.  These bread rolls are completely vegan and SO good! I promise you! I’ve already made these twice because we ate the first batch like savages. And they are also so […]

Japanese Sweet Potato Fries With Basil Ranch

Have you guys ever had a Japanese sweet potato before? I love them. Maybe even a little more than regular sweet potatoes. So it’s only right that I made fries out of them. These spiced Japanese sweet potato fries with basil ranch, are the most delicious snack you never knew you needed.  To me, there is nothing more satisfying than French fries! Any kind, baked or fried, they are my weakness! And these fries get so crispy in the oven, you won’t even know the difference. Japanese sweet potatoes, or “Murasaki” sweet potatoes, have a nutty flavor and are sweeter than your traditional sweet potatoes potatoes. They are not hard to find. I usually find these at my local Trader Joes. To me, they kind of taste like chestnuts. And I absolutely LOVE chestnuts. They have […]

Wild Rice Fall Harvest Salad With Maple Tahini

It’s officially fall! Everybody grab your pumpkins! I thought I would start off with something healthy, bright and delicious. In all honestly, I’ve been using pumpkin spice and pumpkin puree in my recipes for over a month now. shhh! I absolutely love all things autumn. From the pumpkin and apple picking, to the beautiful gradient colors on the leaves and most of all, I love all the goodness that the fall harvest yields. So, to kick off the start of delicious fall eating, let’s make this wild rice fall harvest salad with maple tahini. And it’s completely vegan! I really enjoy a good salad and in my opinion, the perfect salad is a bit of sweet and a bunch of savory components, but most importantly, TEXTURE! And this salad has all of that, so good […]

Turkey Chili Cheese Fries

This recipe was carefully recreated from my childhood memories. Turkey chili cheese fries! The ultimate Appetizer, or snack and probably even dinner!  Growing up in Detroit, my parents used to own a Coney Island. When I tell people that are from NY that, they look puzzled most of the time. “Wow your family owned an amusement park?” Is the usual response. So I explain what a Coney Island actually is and how I’m from Detroit. What pizzerias are to New York, Coney islands are to Detroit. There’s one on every corner!  They are basically fast food restaurants but they are especially famous for their coney dogs. Which are essentially hot dogs top with famous Detroit style chili. However, my absolute favorite was and still is, the chili cheese fries!  Being that I don’t eat any […]

Tahini Pumpkin Bread

No white after Labor Day also means everything turns into a PUMPKIN at midnight! Like in cinderella, but in this story, it’s all the food on the shelves. I do love a lot of pumpkin spiced foods and every year they come out with a bunch of new variations. Some are obnoxious. The other day I saw pumpkin spiced seltzer at the grocery store. I mean yes it can be pretty obnoxious, but I am shamelessly here for it. Will probably go back and buy it.  The other day I made hummus and used a bunch of tahini. And then later on I made a toast with hummus and put an obnoxious amount of tahini on it and then the next morning I had the same thing, but with eggs. I was as on a […]

Fig Cream Bars With Hazelnut Date Crust

These fig cream bars with a hazelnut date crust are a perfect cool-down treat for when it’s still hot out but you’re already in fall mode! And you don’t even have to turn your oven on!  I love dates so much. They taste so indulgent I almost feel guilty eating them. Am I the only one? My favorite power snacks for when I’m in a hurry, is to stuff a couple of them with any type of nut butter, drizzle a little chocolate and top them with flakey salt. Delicious!  The base of these bars is a date and hazelnut crust. Such a delicious combination. A food processor is needed for this step. Dates are pretty sticky. I prefer to use the dates with pits in them and just take them out myself. They’re more […]

Vegan Herbed Flatbread

I’ve been gathering and testing recipes for autumn and these past few weeks. It feels funny using pumpkin or pumpkin spice in the middle of a heatwave but here we are. There was one day this week that was slightly cooler and I just couldn’t help myself, so I made soup. Spicy navy bean soup to be exact. What really made this soup extra delicious, was the vegan herbed flatbread I made along with it.  Oh my goodness! This bread is garlic-y, scrumptious and so addictive! I feel like bread is a MUST if your having soup. For dipping of course! The dough is pretty simple. I let it proof a few times and that really creates flavor and a better texture. If you don’t have time, one proof is good enough. But trust me, […]

Fig Galette With Rosemary Hazelnut Crust

Galettes are so lovely. They are messy and beautiful. I love their rustic look. If your dough cracks when folding it inward, it’s ok. It actually looks prettier that way. And they really couldn’t be easier to make. I love experimenting with different flavor crusts and fillings. Savory, sweet or both. Now that Autumn is approaching us, you can imagine my excitement when I find figs at the supermarket! So of course a fig galette was fitting and necessary. A fig galette with a rosemary hazelnut crust, to be exact.  This recipe is kind of like a prelude to fall. As I was creating and brainstorming recipes for autumn in my head while grocery shopping, I came across some figs at Whole Foods that just looked so perfect. Dried figs are also a favorite, their […]


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